Full Name: Niosa
Nicknames: Niosa
Breed: Quarab
Gender: Female
Color: Dun
Titles: None
Birth Date: August 2, 2003 (28 BQ)
Sire: Roco
Dam: Rodeo
Full Siblings: Unleashed (twin brother)
Alliance: Light
Age at Death: Sixteen
Date of Death: 9:50 am, December 30, 2004 (44 BQ)
Cause of Death: Murdered by her son Bateau
Foals: Bateau (a colt by Ferris)
Last Home: Clandestine Valley
Loved: Ferris
Best Friends: After her parents faded and her brother vanished, Niosa searched for love many times but found nothing for the greater part of her life. It was only when she was old, fifteen, that she met Ferris and had Bateau with him. However, it was he that would eventually kill them both.