NICKNAME(S): (unknown)
BREED: Hybrid
COLOR: Black
EXTRA TRAITS: Immortality
TITLE(S): Amazon Prince
DATE OF BIRTH: Early May 2004 (37 BQ)
SIRE: Lone Raven (Lone Star x Feather in the Breeze (Assult x One With the Flame (Cazador x Feather)))
DAM: Asylum (Carnage (Isami (Black Magik (Nothing Personal x Aspercel's Princess) x Unmasked Perfection) x Thaqib (Lone Star x Banat er Rih (Ziyadah x Tabari))) x Pentagram)
FULL SIBLINGS: Josephine (twin sister)
HALF SIBLINGS: Dhana Asha (sister, out of Smart Mouth), Anubis (brother, out of Naif), Cuerva Lista (sister, out of Smart Mouth), Whil o' Whisp (sister, out of Smart Mouth), Deluge (brother, out of Smart Mouth), Back Talk (sister, out of Smart Mouth), Attitude (sister, out of Smart Mouth), Fiadd (brother, out of Naif), Amador (brother, out of Spell), DeeDee (sister, out of Bellissa), Wharf (brother, by Abomination), Astoria (sister, by Grate), Erath (brother, by Carnage), Exhaust (brother, by Carnage), Lauer (by Angelus), Nevus (sister, by Quill), Rook (brother, by Pawn), Rosenkranz (sister, by Grate), Vandalism (brother, by Quill), Elvin (by Eol), Ella (sister, by Demogorgon), Distoria (sister, by Hawthorne)
CHILDREN: Kyrie (daughter, out of Jamelyn)
HOME(S): Recondite Dale
LOVED: Prague
BEST FRIENDS: Shaw, Ferris, Jones, Josephine, Surface, Prague, Winifred

Twin of Josephine, Berlin lived with his mother, Asylum, in the Amazon land. He was a wild child, though a bit lacking in the intellect area. He knew almost nothing of his sire or twin. When he was young, he was lost and in that time met Shaw and Ferris - twin stallions that would become his friends. After his return, he bonded with his mother more and then with Josephine as well.

Then, for a while, when his mother and sister disappeared, Berlin ran off. He returned to Beqanna as a composed, three year old gentleman that did not want the same spotlight life as the rest of his family. He met Surface and watched her son's birth but nothing else much socially (besides visits to his friends and mother) until he met a young Amazon mare, Prague.

Their love blossomed, but was interrupted by frequent trips away by both him and Prague, and her duties as Amazon queen. Berlin, meanwhile, befriended the twins Shaw and Ferris, later joined by Jones. Meanwhile, in his wanders, he also befriended Surface and Winifred. However, something was always missing - Prague.

In his confusion and sadness, he met a golden mare, Jamelyn.