1. There is no way to actually tell, but please, be a fan of Time magazine if you decide to join. But if you're not and just want to join... well, I won't stop you.

2. Provide an actual email address and country. Middle Earth is not a valid country. Neither are Mars or Hogwarts. The United States is, however, as are England, Australia, and Canada, just to name a few.

3. That goes for name as well. You do not need to supply your real life name, but please, a reasonable nickname at least. Ali, Storm, and Raven are all suitable names. horseluver53654 is not.

4. You do not need a website to join. However, if you do submit a site, please do us a favor and link us. I won't force you to, however, but you should be proud to show you are a fan of Time. If you do link, please upload the codes to your own server.

5. If your site has questionable material (hateful, racist, pornographic, etc.) I will still list your name and email (if you choose) but not the site.

6. If you want to change your information, please use the Update link found on the Joining page. Also, please press the submit button only once when joining.