1. There is no way to actually tell, but please, be a fan of San Antonio if you decide to join. But if you're not and just want to join... well, I won't stop you.

2. Provide an actual email address and country. Notice that Texas is not a choice on the country list, even if it had been a country once.

3. That goes for name as well. You do not need to supply your real life name, but please, a reasonable nickname at least. Ali, Storm, and Raven are all suitable names. horseluver53654 is not.

4. You do not need a website to join. However, if you do submit a site, please do us a favor and link us. I won't force you to, however, but you should be proud to show you are a fan of San Antonio. If you do link us, you must upload the codes to your own server.

5. If your site has questionable material (hateful, racist, pornographic, etc.) I will still list your name and email (if you choose) but not the site.

6. If you want to change your information once you are a member, please use the Update link. Also, please press the submit button only once when joining.