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The Horses
Fans always hear of the elves, men, dwarfs, and hobbits, but rarely the horses. However, in actuality, horses are a major part of the stories and the movies, from Shadowfax to Snowmane to Brego to all the others. Just imagine Gandalf without Shadowfax, Aragorn without Brego, the ringwraiths and the Rohirrim without their horses... it wouldn't be the same. This fanlisting is dedicated to them, the horses - the unsung heroes of the Lord of the Rings.
Note: If watch the extras on the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King extended edition, there is a documentary on the horses of LOTR.

Notable LOTR Horses
Shadowfax - Played by Demero and Blanco. Gandalf's horse. Chief of the Mearas.
Brego/Roheryn - Played by Uraeus. Aragorn's horse. Knowing as Brego in the movie, Roheryn in the books.
Asfaloth - Played by Florian, Hero, Odie, and Tharra. Glorfindel (book)/Arwen (movie)'s horse.
Snowmane - Played by Percy. King Theoden's horse. Died with Theoden at Pelennor.
Hasufel - Played by Kenny. Lent to Aragorn by Eomer.
Bill the Pony - Sam's pony
Arod - Lent to Legolas by Eomer.