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KĄ, the unprecedented new theatrical show from Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, brings together astonishing acrobatic performances, the thrills and action of martial arts from all over the world, plus astonishing innovations in puppetry, multimedia and pyrotechnics. Together, they tell the epic story of a set of twins on a perilous journey to fulfill their shared destiny.

KĄ brings the visual language of cinema to a dazzling live event that is more about storytelling than any previous Cirque production. The show's underlying theme of duality is underscored by the opposing powers of fire to create and to destroy. (credit)

It's the epic saga of a pair of seperated twins - a boy and a girl - who must embark on a perilous journey to fulfill their linked destinies in a many-layered narrative that conjures an entire empire onstage.

Along the way, the Twins confront characters and events representing the opposing forces of good and evil. The subtext is the ambivalent power of fire to create and destroy.

As their world comes under attack and collapses around them, the Twins are separated. As the plot unfolds, danger lies in wait for them at every turn. Archers and Spearmen are hunting them down relentlessly in an action-packed story.

The boy is accompanied by the Court Jester, and his sister by their Nurse, but the Twins must learn to stand up for themselves as their quest takes them through a succession of challenging landscapes, from a mysterious seashore through perilous mountains, to foreboding forests and muddy fields. (credit: KĄ Creators' Notebook)

The Scenes
Water (The Sea/Beach)
Soon after the story of KĄ begins, an amazing array of bizzare sea creatures comes into view on a storm-tossed seashore that seems entirely otherworldly yet strangely familiar.
Air (The Cliff/The Mountain)
Comedy erups as the Nurse tries to climb to the top of a precipitous cliff face. But a marauding party of Spearmen suddenly attack and the heroes must flee to a snow-swept mountaintop.
Earth (The Forest/The Valley)
Enter a magical world: a rainforest by a lake inhabited by outlandish insects and other creatures. Exotic glowing lights move through the trees and we realize they are the people who live here.
Fire (The City/The Sky)
As KĄ reaches its climax, a furious fiery battle erupts in all dimensions, including the sky. To the victors will go the spoils. Their reward: the reconstruction of a peaceful society. (credit)