1. Be a fan of the website and/or game Horseland.

2. You must provide your real name (or a suitable nickname), a working email address (which you can choose not to show if you prefer), and your country.

3. You do not need a website to join. However, if you do submit a site, please do us a favor and link Obsessed. Also, if you provide your player number (which is optional, by the way), I'd love it if you linked Obsessed from your Horseland page using a text link or one of the codes provided so more players can find out about it.

4. If your site has questionable material (hateful, racist, pornographic, etc.) I will still list your name and email (if you choose) but not the site. Also, please note that the website spot is only if you have a personal website - not, your Horseland player home page, another game, or any free layout sites (unless you own it).

5. If you want to change your information once you are a member, please use the Update link. Also, please press the submit button only once when joining.