Black Magik

FULL NAME: Black Magik
BREED: Thoroughbred
COLOR: Black with a white star
TITLE(S): First evil king, founder of Beqanna
DATE OF BIRTH: March 1, 2001, in captivity (-2 BQ)
SIRE: Nothing Personal
DAM: Aspercel's Princess
HALF SIBLINGS: Personal Magik (sister, out of unknown); Reflection (sister, out of Silver Mirage)
DATE OF DEATH: 7:15 am, January 3, 2003 (21 BQ)
CHILDREN: White Magik (son, out of White Flash), Eustacia (daughter, out of Eloquent), Black Illusion (daughter, out of Mirage), Isami (son, out of Unmasked Perfection), Myrrh (daughter, out of Unmasked Perfection), Black Justice (son, out of Justice), Kake (son, out of Justice), Titanic (daughter, out of Justice), Suicide (daughter, out of Justice), Timeless Magik (daughter, out of Speeding Lena), After Midnight (daughter, out of Le Fay), Huitieme Peche (daughter, out of Battlecry’s Pride), Knife of Death (daughter, out of Black Knives), Etched in Stone (daughter, out of Favorite Trick), In Your Dreams (daughter, out of Liquid Dreams), Quality Magik (daughter, out of Quality in Quantity), Unnoticed (daughter, out of Undoubted), Kaeldra (daughter, out of Crystal Rose), Sawda Emira (daughter, out of Black Knives), Black Tears (daughter, out of Battlecry’s Pride)
HOME(S): Chamber of Evil
LOVED: Mirage, Justice, Unmasked Perfection, Speeding Lena, Black Knives, Favorite Trick, Liquid Dreams, Le Fay, Quality in Quantity, Undoubted, Crystal Rose, Battlecry's Pride, Eloquent, Hoax, Tora, Siren's Whisper, Push the Limits, Die Another Day

He was the last original king of the pair… but not for long. He and Swish… the two lifelong rivals… the two founders… the two kings…and now… the two memories.

For so long, Black Magik had ruled the ones of darkness in the land he had helped found. He did not rule it good or wise, in his opinion. He was just another stallion, hoping to have just another life… in his opinion. The darks needed a leader… a good leader… a brave leader… a wise leader. It was just not him.

He knew that he was just kidding himself when he was king. Black Magik never was a good king. The qualities of leadership were evident in all the mares he loved… but not him. Luckily, he had seen that those qualities had been passed down from the mares, to their youth…

And so, Black Magik knew that the darks of Beqanna would be in good hands when he passed.

Now, the mind of this aged thoroughbred raced back all his years. He was now the young colt prized at a famous racing ranch. He was with his mother, Aspercel’s Princess… viewing his father, Nothing Personal, win a race on the television that the stable hands watched.

Then, Black Magik was in his first race. There he was… winning by so many lengths… and then each following ones… everyone loved him, his owners, owners of mares, track officals, betters. He was unbeatable. And what do people do with champion racehorses? They breed them.

He had an albino colt, White Magik, with a thoroughbred mare, but he hated it. It was against his will and he let them know that. He had broke through the fence and run off after the breeding, and kept running and running into the wilderness.

He then stopped after meeting up with this Arabian stallion called Swish. They were not enemies right off… no, indeed, they were quite nice to one another in fact. However, they were of different beliefs; Swish was enlightened, Black Magik was of darkness.

So, each established his own land, in a much bigger one both named Beqanna… for it meant ‘sunrise’ and what was a sunrise? The sunrise was the time between darkness and daylight, of course.

Black Magik was then brought to the time and place when the first horses came upon their land and chose their destiny. The first… he remembered… was Aidesa and Sun Storm.

And then came more… propelled into this land. He remembered each time he had gone into herdless so clearly… especially the first. It was a draft mare named Speeding Lena… whom stayed with him for quite a while before her disappearance. Then, was the elegant Arabian, Unmasked Perfection, whom had sadly died a few years back, leaving his first prince, Isami.

Upon returning from the herdless with Perfection, he was greeted by a newcomer… a strange, unique hybrid named Mirage. He did not chase her out… no… instead… he accepted her… and she later became the first queen, whom another, Justice, later ruled alongside.

Then came the others, each stealing a piece of his heart, before disappearing… except for a few. Quality in Quantity... Le Fay... Favorite Trick... Crystal Rose… Hoax… Black Knives… Liquid Dreams… Tora… Undoubted… Battlecry’s Pride… Siren’s Whisper… Push the Limits… Die Another Day… Crystal Rose… and of course, the filly he could never get but loved the most… Eloquent.

And of course, there came the princes and princesses. Black Illusion, a filly born to Mirage. Isami, a colt born to Unmasked Perfection. After Midnight, a filly born to Le Fay… his closest daughter. Black Justice, a colt born to Justice. Huitime Peche, a filly born to Battlecry’s Pride. Kake, a colt born to Justice. Titanic and Suicide, twin fillies born to Justice. Europa, the adopted filly he never knew. In Your Dreams, a filly born to Liquid Dreams. Knife of Death, a filly born to Black Knives. Timeless Magik, the filly born to Speeding Lena. Unnoticed, a filly born to Undoubted. Atropos, the filly adopted by Battlecry’s Pride that seemed like his own daughter to him. Etched in Stone, a filly born to Favorite Trick. Sawda Emira, a filly born to Black Knives. Shattered Crystal, a filly born to Crystal Rose… from another male. Kaeldra, a filly born to Crystal Rose. Black Tears, the filly born to Battlecry’s Pride.

Everything was now a blur to him. His eyes were becoming dull fast, attempting to intake and treasure one last glance of his land… his herd… and his life. By law, his firstborn would posses the title of king… or queen. That was White Magik, but he wasn't in Beqanna. Second was Black Illusion… but she had vanished. That left the third born… the returned, Isami… the brave one.

Black Magik knew that the lands of darkness would be good with Isami as king, and so, no worries were thought up. His aged figure lowered to the ground, each breath a heavy one, and each movement accompanied by a groan. Though he knew he was not a good king, he had lived a relatively good life, and he would never choose to live it any other way. And so, issuing a soft lullaby to the remainder of his cadre, his goodbyes were issued and passed along.

That completed, his head had dropped to the soil, his eyes became dull, his body became still, and his spirit escaped to the underworld.

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