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Full Name: Aurora
Nicknames: None
Breed: Lipizzaner
Gender: Female
Color: Light Gray
Titles: None
Birth Date: December 2002
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Full Siblings: None
Alliance: None - Lived as a Evil
Age at Death: Five
Date of Death: May 2003, around dawn in the Beach
Cause of Death: Jumping off a cliff
Foals: Guilty Conscience, a filly by Slim Shady
Last Home: Silver Cove
Loved: Mickey Mouse, Slim Shady
Best Friends: Belle, Jasmine, Tinker Bell, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Ariel, Snow White, Alice, Bambi, Daisy Duck, Esmeralda, Mulan

Travel, just for one brief moment… Back to yesteryear… Into a land of fantasy…

Once upon a time, a story had unfolded and had been relived… with a twist. It was many a year ago, in a land far, far away, that a young girl was born to a king and queen. Aurora, they had named her during christening, and as an infant, she had been blessed by the gifts of beauty and song by the good fairies that lived within the kingdom. However, fate was not kind to this young princess, for its icy hand had brought an uninvited and enraged guest to the ceremony. The evil fairy, Maleficent, had cursed the child to die by the fatal prick of a spinning wheel’s spindle upon her sixteenth birthday. The good fairies had struggled to prevent this outrageous catastrophe, and had hidden her in a secret cottage.

The years slowly rolled past as Aurora blossoms into a very lovely, but lonely, young lady. She was unaware of her real name and birthright, and was known as Briar Rose. ‘Briar Rose’ had then met a peasant boy about her age, and had fallen for each other at first sight. Though Briar Rose did not know it, this ‘peasant boy’ was the Prince Phillip that she had been betrothed to at birth. Prince Phillip also did not have the knowledge that Briar Rose was to be his fiancé and wife.

When the good fairies reveal Princess Aurora’s true birthright to her, instead of joy, an awful sadness comes to her. She believed that she had to sacrifice her true love, the peasant boy, to marry Prince Phillip, an unknown stranger. Just as she was to discover that the two were of the same identity, she was stricken by the dreadful curse of Maleficent, putting her into an eternal slumber. All had seemed lost for this young and beautiful princess, except for a glimmer of hope bearing through the dark clouds… Only her true love’s kiss would wake this sleeping beauty from her eternal slumber.

She, named after this fairy tale princess, did not share the exact same tale, but perhaps, a similiar one.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a prestige breeding and training ranch by the name of Disneyland. The owners, a human couple, and their ranch hands were all excellent horse-people, and they adored horses very much. Their whole life situated on making their horses happy, yet making them be the best they could possibly be. The couple had no children, and so, the horses were their children. However, they were crazy about Disney, and so, they named all their horses after Disney characters.

There was no horse they loved more than their prized stallion, Mickey Mouse. He was a beautiful and famous Arabian stallion that was known all around. He excelled in all his classes and was a wonderfully sweet male.

However, Mickey did not like being cooped up in a stall or small pasture. He liked being wild (except for the shows that he loved to participate in). Therefore, Disneyland bought some beautiful fillies with wonderful bloodlines for him. These fillies were from all across the globe, each with different origins, hues, and breeds. These fillies were to be his broodmares, but not like regular ones. The owners let them roam free on a huge piece of virgin land, just like a wild herd… with Mickey as lead stallion. The fillies were soon all attached and inseparable to Mickey. Minnie Mouse, a hybrid mare, was the alpha mare, and she formed an alliance with Tinker Bell, Alice, Snow White, and Bambi. The others formed another alliance, which was sort of a friendly rivalry between the two groups. However, they were all friends and got along...

However, after a few months, disaster struck. A group of horse-thieves attempted to steal Mickey Mouse. Instead of getting him, however, they accidentally got all the fillies. Because of each one’s excellent linage and beauty, they took the fillies in hopes to make money off them. They treated the fillies horribly, though, with whips, spurs, brands, and so much more.

After a few days, the fillies escaped in a deadly fight. All of the thieves were killed, but so was a small Spanish Arabian filly, Daffy Duck. The remainder of the clique wandered together, and eventually made it onto this land known as Beqanna.

They had vowed to forget Mickey and to begin new lives, as hard as that was for them. And so, this group, Minnie, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Ariel, Alice, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, Mulan, and Pocahontas, wandered into the land of herdless… each to begin new, and separate, lives.

Aurora shared the namesake of the sleeping beauty but that was were much of the similarities had halted. She had not drifted into an eternal slumber, but merely been taken from her prince… Mickey. However, she did feel in some way that she had fallen into an eternal slumber… one that would never be broken. As with the others, she had missed Mickey dearly. They had mourned out losses together, and had come to the conclusion to forget him. They all scouted out new homes, new males, and perhaps, the stallion that filled in the void left by Mickey.

And she did, finding Slim Shady and living with he, even after the return of Mickey. She found true love and birthed a love child, Guilty Conscience. However, not long after, Slim Shady disappeared and died. Of a broken heart, Aurora jumped to her death, rather living with him in heaven than remain on earth without he.

Have you ever wished upon a star?
In your dreams do you know who you are?
Was your wish granted, did it come true?
Or at least in your dreams, during the midnight blue?

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